Stubborn snow in central NSW

Ben Domensino, 16 August 2019

Snow is still sitting on the ground in parts of central NSW today, five days after it stopped falling from the sky.

Sunny skies and progressively warming temperatures this week haven't been enough to completely melt the snow that fell on the Central Tablelands of NSW late last week.

What started as more than 30cm of cover in some areas had been whittled down to much smaller and thinner patches by Friday. But despite its patchy appearance, this has still been an impressive feat. Snow that falls in central NSW usually lasts a day or two before melting.

Clear skies have allowed satellites to capture high-resolution images of the snow each day this week.

Image: Snow on the Central Tablelands of NSW on Tuesday, August 13th. Source: NASA Terra/MODIS

Image: Snow on the Central Tablelands of NSW on Friday, August 16th. Source: NASA Terra/MODIS

These images from NASA's polar orbiting Terra satellite show the gradual erosion of the snow during the last several days.