Snow bound for the Alps

Thomas Hough, 7 July 2019

The last week hasn't been the best for natural snowfall, however all that looks to change in the next seven days. 

It has been a while now since we have had any substantial natural snowfall, with snowguns working tirelessly to keep a decent base on the slopes. They could soon be getting a helping hand from mother nature however as the next significant frontal system looms.

The week will start off characterised more by rain than snow, courtesy of a weaker front, and one lacking air cold enough for the white stuff. 

Another system behind this however looks much more promising, with a significantly colder airmass and plenty of moisture. Snowfall is likely from about Wednesday, with the greatest falls expected between Thursday and Saturday. 

By the end of the week resorts should see a fresh blanket of 25-50cm. Whilst there won't be an abundance of bright blue skies to enjoy these fresh falls under, there should be plenty of bright white wrap up warm and hit the slopes!