SA, NT, QLD, NSW a bit nippy for early winter

Brett Dutschke, 22 June 2019

Parts of Australia's south, centre and east are enduring a run of unseasonably cold days and nights, colder than any time in the past several years.

We haven't even reached the coldest part of winter and frost has already become widespread and in some parts severe, and this has persisted for several days now. Temperatures have been dropping seven-to-11 degrees below average.

Today is the coldest it has been in 37 years at Coonawarra (-3.8 degrees) in South Australia, 12 years at nearby Mt Gambier (-2.2 degrees) and Birdsville and St George in Queensland (0.5 and -2.9 degrees respectively) and Moree in New South Wales (-3.8 degrees) and eight years in SA's Coober Pedy (0.8 degrees) and Naracoorte (-3.8).

Recent fronts have been void of significant moisture, in fact have been unseasonably dry, only bringing showers to far southern parts and snow to the alps. This very dry air has since been covered by a slow-moving high pressure system which has cleared skies and allowed any daytime warmth to disappear at night. As a result, much of the region has chilled to temperatures more typical of July or early August.

The chill is not over, expected to continue through to at least Monday due to the very slow-moving nature of a stubborn high pressure system.

Coonawarra can expect to get similarly cold on Sunday and Monday mornings. There is potential for the grape growing area to extend its run of mornings dipping below minus two degrees to at least five, a feat which has not been experienced in the area in 47 years. And winter has only just begun.

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