Heat on the way for western NSW

Scott Morris, 6 October 2019

While coastal regions of NSW are set for a day with temperatures just a touch above average, daytime temperatures in western parts of the state are expected to soar this afternoon.

Despite a change coming through yesterday which brought some cooler temperatures on the coast, northwesterly winds have redeveloped and are now filtering heat into parts of NSW again. While Sydney and other coastal areas are mostly escaping a hot day, places further west might not be so lucky.

Parkes, part of the Central West Slopes & Plains, is forecast to reach 37 degrees this afternoon. If this temperature tops the 36.8 degrees October day in 2014, it will be Parkes' hottest October day in 21 years of records. Similarly, Dubbo and Forbes are on track for a 37 degree day which should be their hottest October day since 2014, possibly more if they go above their respective records for October of 38.1 degrees and 37.0 degrees. These maximums are about 12 degrees above average and should certainly be the hottest this early in October.

Further north and west, Cobar and Bourke, which have a forecast maximum of 39 and 40 degrees respectively, also have a chance of beating their hottest October days (Cobar 39.9 degrees and Bourke 41.6 degrees both in 2014), although this looks much less likely.

Along with these hot temperatures, increased wind speeds have caused elevated fire danger today, with much of northern NSW having a Very High Fire Danger Rating.

While tomorrow could see some similar conditions, although thankfully less intense, a change should pass over NSW late on Monday, cooling temperatures down and bringing a little bit of rain to southern parts of the state.