Bucketloads for Brisbane

Joel Pippard, 25 February 2018

After a month's worth of rainfall on Saturday, Brisbane is in for a very humid Sunday and Monday.

As much as 136 millimetres of rain fell into the Brisbane gauge in the 24 hours to 9am Saturday, its heaviest February rain in 28 years. Another 63mm rained down in during the previous day, helping rivers to rise to reach flood thresholds.

Warrill Creek with the nearby Logan and Albert Rivers have all exceeded their minor flood levels over the last few days. Fortunately, these are expected to fall over the next few days.

In the city, monthly rainfall is now sitting at 285mm, over double the February average of 136mm.

With the recent downpours, humidity is quite high around the Brisbane area. With temperatures expected to reach 32 on Saturday and 33 on Sunday it will feel four to five degrees hotter than actual temperatures.

The high humidity and temperatures along with a trough in the area means that thunderstorms are a high chance to break-out in the area on both Sunday and Monday. If storms do form, they are of a significant risk of bringing further heavy rainfall.

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