Brisbane feeling the heat

Kim Westcott, 4 November 2018

Some capitals have had their first taste of summer this week, now it's Brisbane's turn.

A hot airmass combining with humid conditions will make the next several days very uncomfortable for Brisbane and surrounds. The current forecast looks to see temperatures reach around 33 degrees for the next four days, with overnight temperatures only dropping to 21-22 degrees.

Seabreezes are likely early each afternoon, making outdoor activities more bearable. However, this will also bring increased humidity, increasing the sticky factor.

Further west, humidity won't be as bad, but temperatures are likely to be higher. Archerfield could see the next four days reach 35 degrees, while Ipswich is headed for a run of 37+ degree days.

In November, Brisbane usually sees nights and early mornings cooling at about 19 degrees, and daytime temperatures reaching 28 degrees. During November 2017, the mercury didn't even crack the 30-degree mark once.

A change looks to reach Brisbane by Thursday, bringing cooler winds and showers. The following few days should be much more comfortable, temperatures only peaking in the mid-20's.

- Weatherzone

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