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  • Australia's snow season past its peak

    Ben Domensino, 15 September 2020

    It's now safe to say that Australia's 2020 snow season has passed its peak, with the natural snow depth dropping by over half a metre in the last fortnight.

    The latest weekly natural snow depth measurement at Spencers Creek in NSW was 113.4cm on Friday, September 11th. This level was a drop of over half a metre from the 167.8cm measured at the site two weeks prior, on August 27th.

    While it's not uncommon to see snow in the alps during late September and early October, it's unlikely that we will see enough snow to set a new peak accumulated depth for this season from now on.

    So, how does this year's peak depth compare to past years?

    This season's peak depth of 167.8cm was the lowest in five years for Spencers Creek and around 30cm below the long-term average at the site.

    Snowy Hydro has been measuring the snow depth at Spencers Creek since 1954, so it has become a widely used dataset to compare Australia's snow seasons. The highest depth on record at the site was 361cm in 1981.