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Synoptic Chart Summary

Synoptic Chart Australia - D0 Thursday, 12:00 EST

A frontal in the southeast is gradually clearing, allowing gusty winds to ease in VIC, southern NSW and SA. A trough is generating blustery showers over TAS. Another front is causing winds to strengthen and showers to develop in far southwest WA. Highs are keeping elsewhere dry.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D1 Friday, 22:00 EST

A cold front in the south should bring strong winds and showers to SA, VIC and TAS. Onshore winds in the wake of the system should bring a few showers to southwest WA. Onshore winds could bring a few showers to tropical QLD. High pressure should keep the interior warm and dry.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D2 Saturday, 22:00 EST

Very cold air will be directed across the southeast with a frontal system, bringing gusty showers to SA, VIC, TAS and southeastern NSW, with highland snow possible later in the day. Onshore winds will cause a few showers to the northeast tropics. Dry elsewhere under a high.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D3 Sunday, 22:00 EST

Very cold and gusty winds with a frontal system will bring showers, small hail and highland snow to TAS, VIC and southeastern NSW. A trough should begin to develop off the west coast. High pressure should keep the interior generally mild and dry after a cold morning.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D4 Monday, 22:00 EST

A clearing frontal system will direct cold gusty showers, Alpine, small hail and to southeast SA, TAS, VIC and southeastern NSW. A low should bring showers to southwest WA. High pressure should keep elsewhere dry. A broad high will lead to a cool morning inland.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D5 Tuesday, 22:00 EST

A pair of fronts should bring showers and thunderstorms to southwest WA and the western seaboard. Unstable gusty winds should deliver showers and possible small hail to southern VIC and TAS. A high pressure system and cold air will lead to a cold morning over inland areas.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D6 Wednesday, 22:00 EST

A frontal system in the Bight will cause rain, showers and gusty winds to southern parts of WA, SA, VIC and TAS. Warm winds ahead of trough will be directed across NSW and QLD. Unstable onshore winds shall cause a few showers over Far North QLD.