" Weather Warning - Flood Warning - MacQuarie River
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Flood Warning - MacQuarie River

24 July 2016 17:09 EST

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
New South Wales

Issued at 5:09 pm EST on Sunday 24 July 2016
Flood Warning Number: 19

Minor flooding continues along the Macquarie River at Warren Town where the
river was 7.9 metres and falling at 5pm Sunday [24/07/14].

FloodSafe advice is available at www.ses.nsw.gov.au

For emergency assistance call the SES on telephone number 132 500.
For life threatening emergencies, call 000 immediately.

Weather Forecast:
For the latest weather forecast see www.bom.gov.au/nsw/forecasts/

Next Issue:
The next warning will be issued by 10am Monday [25/07/16].

Latest River Heights:
Macquarie R at Bathurst 1.83m falling 05:02 PM SUN 24/07/16
Macquarie R at Wellington Br 2.4m falling 05:00 PM SUN 24/07/16
Bell R at Neurea 1.34m falling 05:00 PM SUN 24/07/16
Macquarie R at Dubbo 1.67m steady 05:00 PM SUN 24/07/16
Macquarie R at Baroona 2.39m steady 05:00 PM SUN 24/07/16
Macquarie R at Gin Gin Weir 4.5m falling 05:00 PM SUN 24/07/16
Macquarie R at Warren Town 7.9m falling 05:00 PM SUN 24/07/16
Macquarie R at Carinda 1.08m steady 05:00 PM SUN 24/07/16

For latest rainfall and river level information see www.bom.gov.au/nsw/flood/