" Sale Ap observation weather history for the past day
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There are no warnings current for the W & S Gippsland district.

Sale Ap Observations History

Past 24 hours (new)
Time Temperature Dew Point Rel. Humidity Feels Like Wind Pressure Rainfall
Mean Gusts
12:30 EDT 23.2°C 13.1°C 53% 23.2°C E 22km/h 28km/h 1015.1hPa 0.0mm
12:00 EDT 23.5°C 13.1°C 52% 23.5°C E 18km/h 24km/h 1015.3hPa 0.0mm
11:30 EDT 22.3°C 13.1°C 56% 22.3°C E 17km/h 24km/h 1015.3hPa 0.0mm
11:00 EDT 21.5°C 13.7°C 61% 21.5°C E 15km/h 20km/h 1015.6hPa 0.0mm
10:30 EDT 21.2°C 13.4°C 61% 21.2°C E 13km/h 18km/h 1015.9hPa 0.0mm
10:00 EDT 20.4°C 13.6°C 65% 20.4°C ENE 13km/h 20km/h 1016.0hPa 0.0mm
09:30 EDT 19.2°C 12.8°C 66% 19.2°C NE 13km/h 18km/h 1016.3hPa 0.0mm
09:00 EDT 18.9°C 12.4°C 66% 18.9°C ENE 18km/h 26km/h 1016.5hPa 0.0mm
08:30 EDT 17.9°C 12.5°C 71% 17.9°C E 15km/h 20km/h 1016.8hPa 0.0mm
08:00 EDT 16.7°C 13.5°C 81% 16.7°C ESE 2km/h 7km/h 1016.7hPa 0.0mm
07:30 EDT 15.3°C 12.8°C 85% 15.3°C NE 6km/h 7km/h 1016.6hPa 0.0mm
07:00 EDT 14.0°C 12.5°C 91% 14.0°C Calm 0km/h 1016.4hPa 0.0mm
06:30 EDT 12.4°C 11.6°C 95% 12.4°C Calm 0km/h 1016.0hPa 0.0mm
06:00 EDT 11.9°C 11.1°C 95% 11.8°C NE 6km/h 7km/h 1015.6hPa 0.0mm
05:30 EDT 11.6°C 11.0°C 96% 11.4°C NE 6km/h 7km/h 1015.6hPa 0.0mm
05:00 EDT 12.4°C 11.3°C 93% 12.4°C ENE 4km/h 6km/h 1015.7hPa 0.0mm
04:30 EDT 12.8°C 11.9°C 94% 12.1°C E 9km/h 9km/h 1015.6hPa 0.0mm
04:00 EDT 13.5°C 12.6°C 94% 13.2°C ENE 7km/h 9km/h 1015.9hPa 0.0mm
03:35 EDT 12.8°C 12.1°C 96% 12.1°C E 9km/h 11km/h 1016.0hPa 0.0mm
03:30 EDT 12.6°C 11.8°C 95% 11.8°C E 9km/h 11km/h 1015.9hPa 0.0mm
03:29 EDT 12.5°C 11.7°C 95% 11.7°C E 9km/h 11km/h 1015.9hPa 0.0mm
03:00 EDT 13.0°C 11.9°C 93% 12.3°C E 9km/h 11km/h 1016.2hPa 0.0mm
02:30 EDT 12.8°C 11.5°C 92% 12.8°C ENE 6km/h 9km/h 1016.6hPa 0.0mm
02:00 EDT 12.5°C 11.4°C 93% 12.0°C E 7km/h 9km/h 1016.9hPa 0.0mm
01:30 EDT 12.7°C 11.6°C 93% 12.3°C ENE 7km/h 7km/h 1017.2hPa 0.0mm
01:00 EDT 12.6°C 11.7°C 94% 11.8°C ENE 9km/h 9km/h 1017.2hPa 0.0mm
00:30 EDT 12.7°C 11.8°C 94% 11.7°C NE 11km/h 13km/h 1017.5hPa 0.0mm
00:00 EDT 12.5°C 11.6°C 94% 11.2°C NNE 13km/h 15km/h 1017.7hPa 0.0mm
23:30 EDT 13.3°C 12.0°C 92% 12.4°C NNE 11km/h 13km/h 1017.9hPa 0.0mm
23:00 EDT 14.2°C 12.5°C 90% 13.3°C NNE 13km/h 15km/h 1017.8hPa 0.0mm
22:30 EDT 14.8°C 13.0°C 89% 14.0°C NNE 13km/h 15km/h 1018.1hPa 0.0mm
22:00 EDT 14.5°C 13.0°C 91% 13.7°C NE 13km/h 17km/h 1018.1hPa 0.0mm
21:30 EDT 15.3°C 13.1°C 87% 15.3°C NE 13km/h 18km/h 1018.1hPa 0.0mm
21:00 EDT 15.7°C 13.0°C 84% 15.7°C NE 13km/h 17km/h 1017.7hPa 0.0mm
20:30 EDT 17.0°C 13.1°C 78% 17.0°C ENE 11km/h 17km/h 1017.5hPa 0.0mm
20:00 EDT 19.1°C 13.3°C 69% 19.1°C NE 18km/h 20km/h 1017.1hPa 0.0mm
19:30 EDT 20.2°C 13.0°C 63% 20.2°C ENE 20km/h 22km/h 1016.7hPa 0.0mm
19:00 EDT 20.8°C 13.1°C 61% 20.8°C E 17km/h 22km/h 1016.4hPa 0.0mm
18:30 EDT 21.1°C 13.2°C 61% 21.1°C E 17km/h 20km/h 1016.1hPa 0.0mm
18:00 EDT 21.3°C 13.7°C 62% 21.3°C E 22km/h 28km/h 1016.0hPa 0.0mm
17:30 EDT 21.6°C 13.0°C 58% 21.6°C E 22km/h 28km/h 1015.8hPa 0.0mm
17:00 EDT 22.0°C 13.1°C 57% 22.0°C E 20km/h 28km/h 1016.0hPa 0.0mm
16:30 EDT 21.6°C 12.6°C 57% 21.6°C E 22km/h 33km/h 1016.0hPa 0.0mm
16:00 EDT 23.6°C 11.3°C 46% 23.6°C WSW 15km/h 20km/h 1016.3hPa 0.0mm
15:30 EDT 22.8°C 11.1°C 48% 22.8°C SSE 7km/h 13km/h 1016.6hPa 0.0mm
15:00 EDT 21.9°C 10.6°C 49% 21.9°C S 13km/h 20km/h 1016.9hPa 0.0mm
14:30 EDT 21.8°C 10.9°C 50% 21.8°C WSW 15km/h 28km/h 1017.2hPa 0.0mm
14:00 EDT 21.5°C 11.2°C 52% 21.5°C WSW 17km/h 26km/h 1017.5hPa 0.0mm
13:30 EDT 20.3°C 11.0°C 55% 20.3°C WSW 18km/h 26km/h 1017.7hPa 0.0mm
13:00 EDT 20.3°C 11.4°C 57% 20.3°C WSW 20km/h 35km/h 1018.0hPa 0.0mm

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