" New South Wales/ACT weather forecast and Bureau of Meteorology warnings
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New South Wales/ACT weather forecast

Current Conditions

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Armidale Ap
E 11km/h
NE 32km/h
NE 32km/h
Bellambi Pt
NE 13km/h
Bourke Ap
NW 30km/h
Broken Hill Ap
NNW 15km/h
NW 24km/h
Canberra Ap
NNE 17km/h
Dubbo Ap
NNW 17km/h
Griffith Ap
WNW 15km/h
Orange Ap
NE 19km/h
Tamworth Ap
S 9km/h
NW 11km/h
Wagga Wagga Ap
ENE 32km/h
Albury Ap
NNE 20km/h
State Forecast
Fine and mostly clear. Northeast to northwest winds, fresh across the southern inland, with a late southwesterly change over the far west.

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Current Conditions
    Temperature Dew Point Rel. Humidity Feels Like Wind Pressure Rainfall
Mean Gusts
Armidale Ap 17:00 EDT 22.6°C 12.5°C 53% 22.6°C E 11km/h 13km/h 1022.0hPa 0.0mm
Bega 16:50 EDT 28.5°C 16.4°C 48% 28.8°C NE 32km/h 35km/h 1013.1hPa 0.0mm
Bourke Ap 17:00 EDT 37.0°C 1.7°C 11% 34.2°C NE 13km/h 19km/h 1011.8hPa 0.0mm
Broken Hill Ap 16:30 EDT 36.8°C -1.2°C 9% 33.9°C NW 30km/h 37km/h 1010.9hPa 0.0mm
Cabramurra 17:00 EDT 21.1°C 6.2°C 38% 21.1°C NNW 15km/h 20km/h - 0.0mm
Canberra Ap 17:00 EDT 30.8°C 3.8°C 18% 28.8°C NW 24km/h 30km/h 1016.5hPa 0.0mm
Dubbo Ap 17:00 EDT 34.4°C 7.5°C 19% 32.3°C NNE 17km/h 20km/h 1014.9hPa 0.0mm
Griffith Ap 17:00 EDT 36.4°C -1.5°C 9% 33.5°C NNW 17km/h 33km/h 1011.7hPa 0.0mm
Orange Ap 17:00 EDT 28.6°C 4.8°C 22% 27.2°C WNW 15km/h 22km/h 1020.0hPa 0.0mm
Sydney 17:00 EDT 26.1°C 15.5°C 52% 26.7°C NE 19km/h 43km/h 1017.4hPa 0.0mm
Tamworth Ap 17:00 EDT 32.5°C 7.4°C 21% 30.5°C S 9km/h 11km/h 1016.4hPa -
Wagga Wagga Ap 17:00 EDT 33.8°C -1.8°C 10% 31.3°C NW 11km/h 24km/h 1013.4hPa 0.0mm
Williamtown 17:00 EDT 27.0°C 15.1°C 48% 27.3°C ENE 32km/h 37km/h 1016.9hPa 0.0mm