" Victoria coastal weather forecast of wind, seas and swell
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Victoria marine weather

Forecast Summary
Melbourne Bays
Seas: Up to 2.5m Swell: n/a
Forecast: NW 25/30 kts tending W/SW 25/35 kts the easing 15/25 kts the. Tending W/NW 10/15 kts by midnight. more
Western Bass Strait
Seas: Up to 5.0m Swell: Up to 7.0m, SW
Forecast: Sun: W 30/40 kts. Mon: W/SW 30/40 kts easing 25/30 kts & 20/25 kts by. W/SW easing 15/20 kts. more
Northern Bass Strait
Seas: Up to 4.0m Swell: Up to 6.0m, W
Forecast: W 30/40 kts tending SW & easing 20/30 kts. Easing further 20/25 kts in the & tending W easing 15/20 kts. more
Eastern Bass Strait
Seas: Up to 5.0m Swell: Up to 5.0m, SW
Forecast: Sun: W 25/40 kts. Mon: W 35/45 kts turning SW 35/45 kts in noon and easing to 20/30 kts at night. more
Gippsland Lakes
Seas: n/a Swell: n/a
Forecast: NW 15/25 kts tending W 25/30 kts morning with stronger squalls. Easing 15/25 kts in the a'noon. more
Coastal Wind Reports
      Winds Gusts
Avalon 04:10 WNW 19kt
WNW 19kt 27kt
Cape Everard 04:10 W 5kt
W 5kt 6kt
Cape Nelson 04:10 WNW 20kt
WNW 20kt 34kt
Cape Otway 04:10 WSW 29kt
WSW 29kt 34kt
Cerberus 04:10 W 18kt
W 18kt 22kt
Gabo Island 04:10 W 5kt
W 5kt 6kt
Moorabbin 04:10 WNW 16kt
WNW 16kt 26kt
Phillip Is 04:10 W 11kt
W 11kt 18kt
Portland 04:10 WSW 21kt
WSW 21kt 26kt
Scoresby 04:10 WNW 8kt
WNW 8kt 16kt
Tullamarine 04:10 WNW 17kt
WNW 17kt 18kt
Viewbank 04:10 W 10kt
W 10kt 20kt
Warrnambool 04:10 WSW 23kt
WSW 23kt 27kt
Werribee 04:10 WNW 15kt
WNW 15kt 19kt
Wilsons Promontory 04:10 W 36kt
W 36kt 43kt
Rhyll 04:10 W 11kt
W 11kt 18kt
Aireys Inlet 04:10 W 15kt
W 15kt 19kt
Mallacoota 04:10 W 5kt
W 5kt 6kt
Orbost 04:10 NNW 9kt
NNW 9kt 11kt
Port Fairy 04:10 WSW 20kt
WSW 20kt 23kt
Lakes Entrance 04:10 WNW 12kt
WNW 12kt 16kt
Wonthaggi 04:10 W 11kt
W 11kt 18kt
Bairnsdale 04:10 NW 8kt
NW 8kt 10kt
Sale 04:10 W 14kt
W 14kt 16kt
Cranbourne 04:10 WNW 23kt
WNW 23kt 27kt
Frankston 04:10 WNW 23kt
WNW 23kt 27kt
Melbourne 04:10 W 4kt
W 4kt 5kt