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NSW/ACT Wed 04:31 EST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Wed 04:10 EST: Coastal Wind Warning   Tue 15:32 EST: Flood Warning - Culgoa, Bokhara, Narran   Tue 10:57 EST: Flood Warning - Murray River   Tue 10:47 EST: Flood Warning - Peel and Namoi Rivers   Tue 10:06 EST: Flood Warning - Bogan River   Tue 09:50 EST: Flood Warning - MacQuarie River   Tue 09:46 EST: Flood Warning - Murrumbidgee River   Tue 08:55 EST: Flood Warning - Lachlan River   Mon 10:56 EST: Flood Warning - Warrego River   Mon 10:24 EST: Flood Warning - Barwon-Darling US Bourke   Mon 10:08 EST: Flood Warning - Paroo River   Mon 07:55 EST: Flood Warning - MacIntyre River   Queensland Wed 04:45 EST: Coastal Strong Wind/Gale Warning   Tue 11:53 EST: Flood Warning - Thomson/Barcoo/Cooper Ck   Tue 11:05 EST: Flood Warning - Paroo River   Tue 10:59 EST: Flood Warning - Fitzroy River   Tue 10:22 EST: Flood Warning - Bulloo River   Tue 09:54 EST: Flood Warning - Warrego River   Tue 09:29 EST: Flood Warning - Macintyre/Weir   Tue 09:12 EST: Flood Warning - Condamine-Balonne Rivers   South Australia Wed 05:29 CST: Coastal Wind Warning   Wed 05:22 CST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Wed 04:02 CST: Severe Weather Warning for SA   Tue 12:09 CST: Flood Watch   Tasmania Wed 05:00 EST: Coastal Wind Warning   Victoria Wed 05:10 EST: Coastal Strong Wind/Gale Warning   Wed 04:55 EST: Severe Weather Warning for VIC   Wed 04:09 EST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Tue 14:11 EST: Flood Advice - North East Victoria   Tue 14:09 EST: Flood Advice - North Central District   Tue 14:07 EST: Flood Advice - North West Victoria   Tue 10:01 EST: Flood Warning - Kiewa River   Western Australia Wed 04:00 WST: Coastal Wind Warning   Wed 03:46 WST: Sheep Graziers Warning  


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