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NSW/ACT Tue 22:45 EST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Tue 22:44 EST: Severe Weather Warning for NSW   Tue 22:42 EST: Coastal Wind Warning   Tue 10:14 EST: Flood Warning - Bogan River   Tue 09:25 EST: Flood Warning - Lachlan River   Northern Territory Tue 22:00 CST: Coastal Wind/Gale Warning   Tue 16:27 CST: Fire Weather Warning For the Northern Territory   Queensland Tue 22:00 EST: Coastal Strong Wind/Gale Warning   Tue 11:03 EST: Flood Warning - Warrego River   Tue 09:36 EST: Flood Warning - Thomson/Barcoo/Cooper Ck   Mon 10:09 EST: Flood Warning - Diamantina River   South Australia Tue 23:58 CST: Severe Weather Warning for SA   Tue 22:52 CST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Tue 22:45 CST: Road Weather Alert   Tue 22:16 CST: Coastal Wind Warning   Tue 21:16 CST: Flood Warning - Onkaparinga River   Tue 09:43 CST: Flood Watch   Tasmania Tue 22:12 EST: Severe Weather Warning for TAS   Tue 22:00 EST: Coastal Wind Warning   Tue 21:35 EST: Road Weather Alert   Tue 21:34 EST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Tue 15:34 EST: Flood Warning - South Esk   Tue 15:29 EST: Flood Warning - North Esk River   Tue 10:01 EST: Flood Watch   Victoria Tue 22:27 EST: Coastal Strong Wind/Gale Warning   Tue 21:40 EST: Severe Weather Warning   Tue 16:34 EST: Flood Warning - King River   Tue 16:10 EST: Sheep Graziers Warning   Tue 11:49 EST: Flood Warning - Thomson River   Tue 11:28 EST: Flood Warning - Latrobe River   Tue 11:27 EST: Flood Warning - Goulburn River   Tue 11:10 EST: Flood Warning - Mitchell River   Tue 11:05 EST: Flood Warning - Macalister River   Tue 10:36 EST: Flood Warning - Murray River upstream of Hume Weir   Tue 10:25 EST: Flood Warning - Kiewa River   Western Australia Tue 22:00 WST: Coastal Wind Warning  

Long Range Disclaimer

The forecast information contained on the Elders Weather website, while believed to be reasonably made at the time of publication, is subject to change. In particular, 28 day and 12 month rain forecasts, given the range of the forecast, do not contain a guarantee of rain on any day and will contain some degree of inaccuracy. You should always seek updated professional weather advice before taking any action dependent on certain weather conditions prevailing. Liability for any errors or omissions, including that arising as a result of Elders negligence, (except any statutory liability which cannot be excluded) is excluded by Elders Limited, its associates, officers, directors, employees and agents.